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Carbon Capture, LLC II

Reduces the Carbon Dioxide emissions from natural gas and coal fired power generation plants, steel making

facilities, and cement plants by more than 97% and capturing the CO2 using non-amine low cost, commercially available chemicals.

Our Features



The basic principle of an absorption column is mass transfer with a reaction. The absorbent is pumped in through a spray nozzle near the top of the column while the CO2 rich gas is fed from an inlet near the base of the column. This creates a countercurrent flow between the gas and the absorbent. To increase contact between CO2 and the absorbent, a packing material is added to the column. This part of the column is commonly referred to as the packed bed and it is where most of the absorption of the CO2 takes place. The mist eliminator is in place to remove any liquid that may be entrained in the vapor.


ESG Goals

The Clearite™ Carbon Capture meets and exceeds ESG goals including:

  • Reduces environmental impact through CO2 reduction

  • Cutting edge, circular economy business – an economically viable model to the world


Electrodialysis Process

The Clearite™ process uses a unique electrodialysis process that operates at ambient temperature to regenerate the carbon dioxide capture chemicals while producing pure CO2.


Cost Effective

The “CleariteTM” CO2 Capture/Utilization

Process, uses CO2 Capture chemicals that cost $200-$400/ton. The current best available

carbon capture technology uses amine chemicals that are extremely corrosive and cost $2,000/ton. The CAPEX and operating costs of a Clearite Carbon Capture facility would be substantially lower than an Amine Carbon Capture plant.


Saving Energy

The Clearite™ process offers a huge Breakthrough in Energy Savings. The Clearite™

Process requires only 1.18 MJ/KCAL (507 BTU/lb.) for regeneration vs the Amine Process regeneration energy requirement of 3- 4 MJ/LCAL (1,290-1,720 btu/lb.) a reduction of 60-70%.


Carbon Based Chemicals

We have the Potential to produce commercial carbon-based chemicals, i.e., oxalic acid, from the captured carbon dioxide.

The Clearite Process
A Patented Low Cost Carbon Capture/Utilization Impact Opportunity



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